Some interesting information! (Big Bang official release date)

Well I found some interesting information from extractions, Big Bang is now CONFIRMED for the 7th of December. That’s right lady and gents! Big bang is just a measly 2weeks away- hurrah!

I can’t wait! Will there be a new world too? I’m guessing Zenith..


2 Comments to “Some interesting information! (Big Bang official release date)”

  1. wow, Big bang in december 7th?
    thats so quick D:
    now to wait another week and a half >.<
    btw, i love the name of the servers, zenith, but i will stay in my server (galicia) i already have a "life" there Dx

  2. Yeah, the only reason i’m joining the new server is because I haven’t played Maplestory for about a year now so I figured if I start new it mays well be in a new server (:

    Thanks for the first replies on my blog btw xD

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