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October 31, 2010

What the hell!

I’m in major depression mode. Big bang is coming to JapanMS in only 24days, and in ChinaMS not too long after. We will be freaking fourth to get Big Bang and it will 99% likely be in December. I’m so freaking unpatient I have nothing to do! ūüė¶

* On a side note, happy Halloween! :3

October 27, 2010

Game Update tonight.

“Dear Players,


We will be performing a game update on all game servers on October 26th. During this period, MapleStory will be unavailable. Game update will last approximately 8 Hours.


Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.



Pacific: 10:00 PM Р6:00 AM, Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Eastern: 1:00 AM¬†–¬†9:00 AM, Wednesday, October 27th, 2010



will be unavailable.”

Alot of people have speculated that instead of a regular server check Nexon usually hosts on Tuesdays, there is actually a Game Update instead this Tuesday. It lasts 8 hours. I’ve heard people say it’s a spelling error, Big Bang, Ulu City, boss fixes, and much more. What do you guys think? Well I can tell you that it is obviously¬†NOT Big Bang. Why do I say this? Well for one we’d be lucky to get it in the middle of November nevermind the end of¬† October, Nexon clearly also stated in their post we’d have to enjoy the thanksgiving & halloween events before Big Bang comes and Thanksgiving is the 25th of November for USA and they’ll probably start those events near the 3rd or 10th. Personally, I beleive it is Ulu City because that is one thing seperating us from Big Bang if you look at KMS’s patches and what they got before Big Bang. I really hope Big Bang would come early but it definetly won’t come anytime soon guys (atleast 2weeks!) so please let your hopes die!

October 25, 2010

Fist of Fu, try it out!

I’ve been playing this game since i’ve been waiting for Big Bang, just for a short while now because I just found it the other day. It is really fun I must admit! The corny sounding name and characters from the site made me not want to even check it out, but I did anyways and when I did I was glad. It reminds me of Elsword/Grandchase/Dragonica.¬†¬†

Fists of Fu!


¬†I don’t know why I am so attracted to this game but try it out before you judge it because I like it much more then Dragonica! I’m currently a level 20 Divine Sniper, the max level is 40 at the moment since it just got out of beta but i’m sure leveling will get much harder near 30..

Be sure to visit the site and atleast watch the trailer, i’m sure you won’t be disapointed! ūüôā

October 25, 2010

Starting a blog!

Just today I decided to start a blog for Maplestory, more specifically this blog will be about my progress in it once Big Bang comes around the corner (hurray! can’t wait!) but it might contain other things in it to from time to time. I hope the low, low, number¬†of people who stumble across here enjoy my blog as much as i’ll enjoy making it.